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TireTown is a hub of tires and wheels stocked from the best manufacturers. We provide new and used tires for every vehicle, improving your road experience right away.

Our love for tires led to the creation of TireTown – a tire and wheel studio that helps you upgrade and maintain He has been in the tire business ever since and is well-known for his insights and knowledge of the industry.

It was Dang’s undying passion that led him to own his tire shop named TireTown.

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  • 1109 College Ave, South Houston, TX 77587, United States
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We are not an average tire shop that sells branded tires. We’re more than that. We intend to offer value with every tire or wheel sold. We are your one-stop-shop for all top-rated tires and wheels from leading manufacturers. Don’t let a bad tire stop a great trip!

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Leading Tire & Wheel Provider

We have been in the industry for decades, helping clients get affordable and top-quality tires and wheels. Our experts help you choose the right product for you, ensuring that your journey on the roads is comfortable and stress-free. TireTown is your partner in buying and maintaining your wheels and tires, so your car never hits a bump on the road!

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Get the latest insights from the world of tires across all channels as our experts help you make informed decisions for your vehicle.